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Audio Guestbooks

Capture the important memories

What's an Audio Guestbook?

Let's be real - everyone signs your guestbook, you maybe read it once, and then never look at it again.  

Make your guestbook an interactive and fun digital time capsule for you and your guests to experience for your event!

Everyone records their messages on our custom built retro telephones and after your party we send you a link to download all the shareable individual audio files.


A fun and interactive guest book

Having a telephone guestbook is a fun way for guests to leave their best wishes and advice as if they were speaking directly to you. 

Guest will come back and leave more than one message as your event progresses, giving you documentation of your wedding that a written guestbook can't provide. 

Shareable Memories 

After your event you will receive a cloud link to all the individual audio messages that were left.

We also include a compilation of all messages left in 1 shareable video and a few highlight messages to be easily shareable on social media for friends and family to remember and share the moment.

A Time Capsule for the Future

Shortly after your wedding you will receive a keepsake USB in the mail with all your files so you don't ever have to worry about losing track of links or digital files in the future.

This is a especially a special time capsule for baby showers, milestone parties, or to listen on your future anniversaries. 

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