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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of the Audio Guestbook rental?

The rental price is $295 for our retro styled guestbooks. 

What is the process in renting an audio guestbook?

You will be renting a telephone that is actually a cool audio guestbook which guests can leave messages on for you! 

  1. You pick up your phone in your specified location - Dartmouth, NS or Fredericton, NB.

  2.  You can pick up your phone few days before your event. For example, for a Saturday booking your phone can be picked up as early as Thursday and returned as late as Tuesday. 

  3. The setup is as simple as plugging it into wall power. After about 30 seconds the power light will change from low to high to indicate it is ready. You can test the phone by picking up the handset and ensuring the greeting plays.

  4. We recommend displaying your phone in a prominent area - there is no limit to how many messages people can leave you!

  5. Once the phone is returned, we edit out hangup messages and provide the digital files to download through a link. We also mail you a keepsake USB driver. This is typically a take a few weeks after your event.]

What is not included in the cost of the rental?

Delivery and set-up at your venue. Not to worry, it's as easy as taking it out of the box and plugging into a standard electrical outlet. 

Digital storage of your files forever - at this time we are able to store your files for 6 months to give you plenty of time to download and share them with others, or easily transfer them to your own cloud storage.

Can I pick the colour of my phone? Do you have any other styles?

Yes!  Check out our phone options here

We will make every effort to ensure that the phone you get is the phone you requested. However, due to the custom-made nature of the phones, in very rare circumstances we may have to swap the phone style and will let you know before your event.

Are you located near me?

I'm not sure- can you see us waving? 👋  

We currently service Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and a satellite pickup and drop off in Fredericton, NB.

If you are located outside of those areas but willing to pick up your phone in one of those two locations, we are happy to chat about extended rental days to allow you to still have time to pickup and return the phone if availability allows it. 

Due to the delicate nature of the custom phones we don't mail phones. 

How do I get my phone?

To keep our costs low, our rentals are pick-up and drop-off in:

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 
Fredericton, New Brunsick (North Side)

What if I break or lose the phone?

We have designed the phones to be pretty durable for normal use, but if the phone gets damaged or lost, you are responsible for the repair or replacement costs.

Are you 🌈  inclusive?

HECK YES!  LGBTQ2+  inclusive and part of your community! 

I'm sold! How do I book?!

Awesome! You can send us a note here - we are excited to hear from you! 

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